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About the Stones  

Fabulous Creations Jewelry is made from Semi-Precious Stones.Each design is handcrafted using the finest .925 Sterling Silver and semi-precious, crystals, copper and wood materials available while subscribing to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

There may be some slight variations in stone colors or inclusions are characteristics of the unique and fascinating charm of my jewelry. The stones will vary significantly from piece to piece.

What' the meaning of your stone?

African Jade - Virtue
Brown Obsidian - Adventurous
Blue Stone - Mellow
Bracelet Jasper - Resolved
Blue Aventurine - Seductive
Coral Agate - Trustworthy
Color Jasper - Confident
Dyed Lapis - Relaxation
Dyed Malachite - Peaceful
Dark Aventurine - Independence
Flourite - Self Assured
Flower Agate - Loyal
Golden Stone - Distinguished
Howlite - Brilliant
Hematite - Anti Depression / Happiness
Iorn Tiger - Prosperity
India Agate - Determined
Jade - Good Fortune
Leopard Skin - Energetic
Malaysia Jade - Patience
Mother of Pearl - Good Fortune
Natural Agate - Courage
Onyx - Self Control
Obsidian - Inspirational
Red Jasper - Positive Thinking
Rhodolite - Thoughtful
Reo Aventurine - Freedom
Rainbow Jasper - Decisive
Rose Quartz - Romance
Silver Leaf - Elegance
Snow Flake - Tranquil
Tigers Eye - Creativity
Turquoise - Good Health
Unakite - Intense
White Aventurine - Distinct
Yellow Agate - Pride
Blue Lace Agate - Endurance
Crystal Quartz - Strength
Red Jade - Harmony