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Summer & Fall

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When I wear a fabulous creations piece, I truly feel fabulous. Any time I wear a FC piece, I get many compliments. I’m sure you ladies can relate.

Barbara just knows what will look good on me, when I don’t… she looks out of the box. I stopped by her desk one morning to say hello. She mentioned how nice the fuchsia top I was wearing looked on me and said she had a piece that would look great w/ that color (It was one of those mornings I was not feeling my best). The piece was pink w/crystals beads…well, I don’t do crystal! She asked that I just try it on and model it for the day; I reluctantly agreed. Well, ladies, don’t laugh, but when I put that piece on I felt like a million bucks and thought the piece looked GREAT on me…needless to say I did receive may compliments that day and yes, my spirits were lifted.

Monique Dula

Barbara’s creations are a true reflection of what she represents as a woman, beauty, charm, grace and strength. I wear the pieces that she created for me with pride.

Earlene Wood-Reynolds

If you are a woman of distinction or just want something that when you put it on makes you feel like the Goddess Diva we all have inside us, then Fabulous Creations is the ideal place to find a piece of art that is created just for you. Every piece is unique and no two pieces will ever be the same because each one is made to your taste and specifications. Each semi precious stone has its own individuality just like us so though two can be made they will never be alike. Barbara is an artist inspired by a higher being, and she will not finish a piece or present it until her spirit lets her know its perfect for the person that ordered it. I would not be surprised to find out one day she is accessorizing the runway models of Paris. I LOVE HER ART!!

S. Torres
New York

I would like to consider my style simple yet elegant, and this is what my Fabulous creations custom made jewelry presents. I'm all astonished
at how many compliments I receive "you accessorize well!" or "where did you get that outfit it matches your jewelry perfectly?" I was very
fortunate to purchase two Fabulous creation sets from the designer's very first collection and have since purchased additional pieces to
compliment my seasonal wardrobe. Since each piece is an original it really makes me feel unique went I wear them (daily). Because my face is
oval shaped I desire a certain type of earring to compliment it, Fabulous creations delivers every time. What about the customer service? It is wonderful, for instance, I requested an adjustment on
one of my pendant type necklaces and it was updated and returned without
delay. I'm now awaiting to receive my newest piece that I ordered, a triple strand crystal choker absolutely beautiful! Check out it on the
web-site you can see the model. Don't forget to hold your own custom creations show with a collection and pieces designed for your show only. As a hosted you get wonderful gifts plus you can introduce your friends
to looking fabulous as well.

Jennifer Washingon

want to thank you for creating such a versatile piece of jewelry exclusively for me. I have the awesome piece that’s designed to wear six different ways and believe me, I have worn it just about every way possible. I never worry about it going out of style because it is a true classic. I’m constantly complimented on my necklace and I have found it to be “priceless”. You are an awesome artist, Ms. Showell. May God continue to bless you and the customers who wear your one of kind pieces of artistry.

Karen Dawkins, Washington, DC